Will you make this happen? Can it become the best hiring practice?

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LinkedIn is good for several aspects of hiring and job search. For example, at the top of a posting it will often cite how many candidates have applied and how recently the position was posted. You’ll find this useful information on other job sites as well.

Suppose you are a talented, skilled and interested candidate. How will you feel about working through the online process?

What about this intuitive voice in your head that says, “I’ll apply because I can do this stuff but they will ghost me”. Where’s the trust and professionalism of the recruiter and hiring manager when you feel the intention to dive in?

What will be a clear and better way to hire talent? Use these core practices.

Clear and frequent communication with candidates is essential to keeping their interest in a potential role. Hiring managers need to show a high level of engagement throughout the process and clarify details from the outset, answering key questions such as:

What are all the steps in the selection process?

What’s the timeline, and how will the candidate be informed of changes?

What does the compensation package look like, including benefits and perks?

Today, we’re seeing a greater level of understanding and empathy in the talent recruiting process. However, some hiring managers still need the reminder that delays, demands, silence (ghosting) and surprises can all quash interest quickly. Candidates may pull themselves from consideration and share poor experiences on company review sites and elsewhere. So, taking the time to have a conversation with the candidate, whether the news you need to share is good or bad, is time well spent.

Savvy leaders are more open-minded and understanding of the various impacts the pandemic has had on people and their careers. There is also greater awareness now that there is no such thing as a “perfect” candidate. Withholding judgment, showing flexibility, and being willing to have conversations with various applicants give the hiring manager more options, particularly in a tight market.

If you prefer to be a self-paced learner who wants to work in line with your values and beliefs and still be effective, what can you do?

Start with a four-module online course that teaches or guides you to a better way to hire. And then use a customizable Gap Analysis Tool to map the path to your future 2022 successes.

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