Can we make a case for real, meaningful change?

#worklifebalance #hiretalent #purpose #fragile #productivity #remotework #change #leadership #evolving #sustainability #resignationtsunami Dec 11, 2022

And the purposeful, productive work that flows from it?

What will you decide? And what will you do?

A recent HBR survey found that while 87% of companies surveyed agreed that it was “very or extremely” critical that managers support employee well-being, only a quarter do much about it.

 At the same time, what could be more worthy for a leader to do than to provide meaning, sustainability, and greater effectiveness to their people?

Where did all your high-performing co-workers go?

Nearly two out of three workers are considering new jobs, and more than 70% of leaders expect their best performers to leave.

And the problem is not going away anytime soon. You know this.

Combined with the pandemic’s wake-up call that we are fragile and that much is out of our control, this 2022 work landscape has caused employees to take fresh lenses to the idea of work-life balance.

Given that you spend more waking hours working than doing anything else, it has also magnified your desire to focus on meaningful contributions at work.

For those who do not find purpose in their daily work, this is increasingly leading to leaving for jobs that offer greater meaning, or to leaving the workplace altogether.

Purposefully and inclusively hire talent and get results.

With purposeful work as the starting point to a more focused and sustainable approach to work, the next critical step is to bring an uncommon level of rigor to managing one’s priorities. Our precious and limited time and capacity must be very intentionally dedicated to the subset of activities that add real value.

The Pareto Principle teaches us that 20% of what we focus on generates 80% of the value. Unfortunately, the way most of us work today woefully ignores that universal law.

McKinsey survey respondents who indicated they were “living their purpose” at work were much more likely than those not doing so to sustain or improve their levels of work effectiveness, and they had four times higher engagement and five times higher well-being. Yet only one-third of respondents believe their organizations strongly connect actions to purpose.

React, redeploy or reimagine? 

The ability to redeploy your or a leader’s limited capacity in ways that are both reasonable and valuable not only reduces frustration and fatigue but also provides greater motivation, which is experienced through personal drive and contribution to meaningful value creation.

Start with the purpose of hiring purposeful talent. Winners are actually who you are seeking. They bring the best characteristics of

  • Teaching other team members
  • Being resilient in the face of ambiguity
  • Willingness to try and fail before they succeed.

Here is the idea.


What if you deploy a combination of one, two or all three tools that are laid out below?


A secret sauce.


  1. A Gap Analysis Tool.


  1. A highly rated online one-hour course that delivers both an upskill and the confidence to choose inclusive hiring. A new and validated perspective for identifying talent that is a cultural fit and not jus a bag of skillsets.


  1. A five-star rated eBook that defines the top performance characteristics winners bring to the organization, validated by twenty case studies.


Please look at these through a new 2022 lens. Then suggest to your hiring managers (HM) and C-leaders that these are theirs to use for each challenging 2022 relationship and success opportunity.


Results will be much like what you like and imagine.


Typically, a 31%+ increase in team productivity, quality hires that match both culture and work objectives and as much as a 50% reduction in churn (turnover).


And very likely you and your colleagues will be happier and healthier employees.


My request is simple. Recognize and cite the source. I created and published this trifecta (or hat trick if you prefer) to give the willing student and each adaptive user a definite advantage producing results in 2022. Better than just coping.


Your choice. Please let me know how this can work for you. The links are below.


Gap Analysis Tool   MaptoHiringSuccess   Crazy Smart!    TheSladeGroup

#worklifebalance #hiretalent #purpose #fragile #productivity #remotework

#change #leadership #evolving #sustainability #resignationtsunami

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